Fashion Faux Pas!

We at INYOKA think that the dogma that dictates the do’s and don’ts of fashion severely limits men’s creative expression. And, it’s long overdue to be overthrown! We need a stylistic revolt! The more conventional choices of accessories (besides a dream sports car!) available to you have been limited to the wearing of a good watch, a classic tie or a bow tie, and perhaps a pocket square when wearing a suit. All good...but personality indistinct. However, the good news is that some of the past traditions like tie pins and cuff links are making a comeback and the trend to more playful designs in socks and ties is providing an opportunity for self expression for even the less adventurous of you. Yes, jewellery does exist for men but it generally ranges from understated chains, pendants and the “safe/acceptable” dog tags that play homage to the military. But, hey, why can’t men have just as much selection in choice of accessories as women!


Historically, men could keep up and even outdo women in 17th Century Europe. Men were considered no less masculine for wearing colourful brocades, exotic silks, brooches, jewelled pendants, rings or ribbons. And men from other cultures like India and Africa have always embraced colourful clothing and accessories. But things are changing!


The hunt for more individuality in one’s personal style is motivating an industry that is beginning to take notice by taking bold steps forward. Fashion designers are sending male models down runways in wild prints, genderless clothing, androgynous styles, and in plenty of boundary pushing garments from designers eager to give men back their fashion heritage. Men's fashion is like an all direction crosswalk. Giving you more options to express your own aesthetic and signature walk of life.


From these shows, fashions get diluted and a trickle down effect slowly makes its way to the marketplace. Yet men are still hesitant to purchase that pink shirt emblazoned with a flower motif or even a wild pair of socks. Retail stores have been playing it safe by marketing a general style aesthetic that sticks with the basics. However, there is a movement underfoot, based in part by the growing demand and acceptance of men’s grooming products. This attention to personal appearance is having a positive effect on their awareness of self and how they present themselves to the world. We are in an age where the more conservative and more socially acceptable lines of style are slowly dissipating. Men are beginning to create new traditions by breaking style conventions. The encouraging news comes from the stats that point to a global menswear market that grew 4.5% last year actually outpacing women’s wear! This confirms there is a keen interest in this industry which ultimately means that there will be more and more choices and opportunities to be YOU. Menswear is evolving to meet the expectations and needs of men, perhaps like you, who are eager to embrace styles that more clearly represent your personal life choices.


The past cookie cutter generation of gingerbread men are being overturned by a new generation that are rapidly redefining themselves. They have been influenced by the bling of the mavericks of the music industry, by pop culture, by technological advances and by the changing employment marketplace and cultural norms that are accepting differences and being more inclusive of individuality and diversity. Men are beginning to experiment and are gradually feeling more confident in their quest for self expression. Why be shy and just blend in?!


There’s amazing street fashion challenging the rules and breaking fashion boundaries in cities like New York, Milan, and Tokyo. INYOKA fits right in by its approach to creating jewellery that questions the status quo and gives YOU, the wearer another opportunity to be unique in an ever changing world.